Our unique 34-acre organic winery is located in the sub-appellation of Niagara called St. Davids Bench. Although our neighbouring growers also enjoy the fortuitous 20 percent higher temperatures of this sub-appellation, this property is an anomaly; the soils are lighter, its airflow and water drainage more consistent, and its perch on the Bench is at its highest elevation.

The family farm sits atop the river channel of the ancestral Niagara River as it once raged, 22,800 years ago, as part of an ancient drainage system that drained melted water from the thick surrounding glaciers. The massive volume of water the river carried hollowed out a gorge over one kilometer long. When the third glacier retreated 12,500 years ago, it emptied into this gorge massive amounts of glacial silt, filling it to the shoreline and plugging it up so completely it would never reopen again. The river’s waters, not to be denied in their downward imperative to the sea, rerouted to the present channel where the Niagara River now flows as it empties into Lake Ontario. Geologists refer to the earth below our vineyard as part of The St. Davids Buried Gorge.


Our wines at Ravine Vineyard are often described as “elegant” or “refined”. This style is as much a result of the terroir as it is of Martin Werner’s organic viticulture efforts. The Terroir of the estate can be segregated into three main sections – the upper bench (‘the top’), the slope (‘the hillside’) and the bottom – and each has completely different compositions. Along with matching the variety of the grape to the soil’s inherent composition, we took into account the complementary characteristics of carefully selected clones and rootstocks.

The soils on the top east side of the property, under a shallower, slower flowing part of the old river, are higher in clay; an ideal location for planting Merlot. Just west of there, where the clay ends abruptly, the soils are mostly sand and have low organic content, the result of faster waters scouring the river’s bed. There we have planted Cabernets. On the ‘hillside’, after 5,500 years of erosion on these small but relatively steep slopes, the soil is thin, sparse and very mineral – conducive to the growth of some very low-cropping, Burgundy-style Chardonnay. Lastly, there’s the bottom of the slope, part of the bed of historic Lake Iroquois, rich in deposits of humus and organic material. There we planted Chardonnay Musqué, which takes advantage of this extra vigor in the production of fresh, vibrant flavours.


Norma Jane (Lowrey) Harber grew up on this farm and has always been sensitive to the subtleties of its terrain. Ever since her great-grandfather David Jackson Lowrey bought the upper farm in 1867, it has been a source of pride for the Lowrey family. This pride has been fostered within our winemaking team. Martin Werner and Ben Minaker have a deep desire to lovingly preserve and maintain our amazing property.

In a gesture of respect for the land and the family, and to keep it free from imminent urban development, the family built the Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery. The land was happy when Norma Jane’s ancestors grew the ripest cherries, pears, peaches, grapes, plums and vegetables in the peninsula. It has now proven itself perfect for fine wine. In this we have learned a lot, attracted some great people and extended our passionate family. The result is not only great wines from our mother, Lowrey Farm, but a wonderful lifestyle that we are eager and proud to share.


We offer tours Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm and 4pm that explore the history of our family farm and our biodynamic and organic winemaking practices.

Our wine shop is open daily – drop in to join us at our tasting bar!

Tasting Experiences

Better than a visit – stay a while, fall in love, come often and experience this place with us!

Ravine is a place that is steeped in time and heritage, changing every day. Ravine evolves and matures while staying youthful, spontaneous and always fun and easy.

We welcome you to visit to see for yourself. Our wine shop is open daily and hosted by our extended family of staff who are always happy to help you explore our small batch wines, while sharing our family’s rich history. Find out why our heritage buildings, family farm and vineyards are the main characters in some amazing stories.

Club Ravine


Please contact 905-262-8463 ext. 1 to purchase a membership for Club Ravine.

Your credit card will charged directly when your monthly wines ship. We ship directly to you – at whatever address you wish. All we ask is that there is someone over the age of 19 to receive delivery, and if you move, you let us know!


Over the years, we’ve been so happy to discover that many of you really wish to celebrate and deepen your relationship with our special place. Consequently, we’ve dreamed of creating a program that would not only celebrate that relationship, but encourage you to feel like you are a part of this incredible winery and farm — this lifestyle.

And so we’ve refined Club Ravine — aside from keeping you hooked up with great wine and food, we are continuing to dream up ways to sew you into our family. So much happens on a whim around here and nobody is better to share that with then those that love us the most.

So Club Ravine is a promise. A promise to keep you connected to the culture here by keeping you on the invite, in the know, in the spirit and in the groove.

To join Club Ravine, please download our Club Ravine Sign Up Sheet to fill out and email to wineclub@ravinevineyard.com.


  • You’ll be in the know! Be there first to hear about new releases, award winners, etc.
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  • 2 bottles of Craft Wine (delivered monthly)
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  • 20% off Wine Accessories and Ravine Gourmet Grocery Items
  • Complimentary Public Wine Tours
  • Complimentary Wine Tastings (for you and up to 6 of your friends)
  • Complimentary Sample of a Feature Wine at Ravine Vineyard Winery Restaurant
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Our 262 Wine Club moves you to the head of the table (so to speak). With a capped membership of 262, this club provides us and its members with an opportunity to share the very best that our incredible winery and kitchen has to offer.

Aside from receiving great Ravine wines and food offerings monthly — you’ll enjoy exclusive invitations to beautifully presented dining events, new and pre-release barrel tastings and exclusive winery communications.

On top of that, you’ll still receive our Club Ravine newsletter – keeping you in the loop and invited to all those activities that tend to happen on a whim around here.

We have four 262 Memberships available - call or email to sign up!

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