Ravine gift pack

Things that go POP!

In celebration of Canada Day, fireworks and all things that go pop! we offer a tale of two sparklings! Our Brut was made in the “methode traditionnelle” and benefits from a secondary ferment in bottle and 5 years spent “sur de lees”. This time allows the yeast cells to break down and give the wine a richness and depth of complexity that few sparklings in the area possess.

Our Charmat is made using the “charmat” method in which the secondary ferment occurs in a pressurized tank. The result is a preservation of aromatics and a crispness that would be masked by yeast autolysis.

Pick up our mixed sparkling 6-pack today and find your favourite!


3 bottles Ravine Brut
3 bottles Ravine Charmat

Looking For More?

Customize your gifting this season with the help of our team! We will happily create the perfect package to suit your needs and your budget. Contact gifts@ravinevineyard.com for more information.