Pear Cider

Lowrey Bros.

Made from 100% Cold Snap Pear juice, our Pear Cider is a perfect appetizer beverage. Its light sparkling character pairs brilliantly with fresh shrimp dishes, oysters, and Asian flavours like cilantro.


Tasting notes

Variety: 100% Pear juice
Case Production: N/A
Brix: 11.7
Acidity: 5.2
pH: 3.6
Alcohol: 5.7 %
Aging: N/A
Availability: Winery Exclusive
Tasting Notes: Our Pear Cider is very light in colour. It has a tutti-frutti aroma and a distinct note of fresh pears. This “perry” is a great example of the earthy flavour of fresh pears. The dry palate shows body while remaining crisp and refreshing.